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  Duration of the arrangement: one day
Date of departure: on request

Ulcinj-Bar South Coast

Ulcinj-Bar South Coast beaches are considered the finest in Montenegro, and perhaps the finest among all beaches in the Mediterranean - Adriatic region. The Ulcinj region of Montenegro traces its history to the prehistoric times of the Illyrians, a people of Indo-European origin. The scenic old walled town of Ulcinj, was founded in the 5th century BC by the Colchinians. Several centuries later the town was captured by the Romans and was afforded special privileges and independent status under Roman law. Ada Bojana is an artificially created river island. In the 19th century, at his location two smaller islands where located between which a ship called Merito was sunk. Though the years, the wreck of this ship and the two islands nearby, gathered river sediment and created this beautiful island. Ada Bojana has a triangular shape. It is touched from one side by the Adriatic Sea and the other sides by the river Bojana. The beach facing the sea is sandy, 3km long and is a heaven for sailing. On the river banks of Ada Bojana there are many fish restaurants that catch the fish in the old time-honored methods.

Program travel:
Bus tour to Ulcinj, the coastal town on the extreme south of Montenegro. Photo breaks above Sveti Stefan, famous town – hotel, visit to the 2000 years old olive tree in Bar, seeightseing of old Ulcinj and free time for swimming on the long, Ulcinj beach – the longest beach in Montenegro. Possibilities for kite and wind surf on the beach in free time. Arrival back to the hotel late in the afternoon, dinner, overnight.

Price of the excursions includes:
1. Transport
2. Visit to The Old city of Bar,
Oldest Olive tree,
Ada Bojana,
The Big beach
3. Tourist Guide Services


By Private Car   1-3 pax price per person
Price for 1 Person 150,00 €
Price for 2 Persons 75,00 €
Price for 3 Persons 50,00 €
By Private Van  4-6  pax price per person
Price for 4 Persons 50,00 €
Price for 5 Persons 45,00 €
Price for 6 Persons 40,00 €

By mini bus&bus price per person
Price for 15 Persons 40,00 €
Price for 25-35 Persons 30,00 €
Price for 35-45 Persons 25,00 €


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