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 Duration of the arrangement: one day
Date of departure: on request

Kotor Stari Grad - Kotor Old Town

Kotor is magical town located in the south-eastern part of beautiful Boka-Kotor Bay which is  regarded as one of the most beautiful bays in the world since 2000 and one of the most distinctive landscapes anywhere on the Mediterranean. Boka-Kotor Bay is an exceptional cultural landscape created through the harmonious symbiosis of natural phenomena and man-made heritage. The ecclesiastical architecture of the Boka-Kotor Bay settlements has developed through the blending of different styles, especially Romanesque and Baroque. During the Venetian rule, between the 16th and 18th century the settlements of Perast, Dobrota, Prcanj and Stoliv developed and gained power, acquiring the status of seafaring communities.
Kotor is home-town of famous seafarers and merchants who donated numerous patrician mansions to testify on their period. There are nine palaces built in the old part of Kotor. Drago Palace, built in the 14th and the 15th centuries is located on the St Typhoon's Square. It features beautiful carved Gothic windows and portals. Bizanti Palace is located on the main Arms Square. It was built in the 14th century, to be thoroughly renovated after the earthquake in 1667. Its windows, portals and stairs gives the Palace Renaissance appearance. Beautiful Pima Palace sits on the Flour Square and dominates the square by its beauty. It was built in the Renaissance-Baroque style in the 17th century. The baroque Palace of Grgurina is located on the Square of Museums /Pjaca od Muzeja/ and is home to the Maritime Museum, with impressive collection of seafaring in the Gulf of Kotor and the cultural progress of the region. The Maritime Museum features the collection of ship models, instruments, weapons, maps, charters and other documents of outstanding scientific and historical interest. Grgurina Palace was erected in the 18th century and belonged to the Grgurina aristocrat family. Specially interesting is authentically preserved Venetian order of all rooms – the house of one master has four rooms and a saloon. Grubonja Palace is located close to the Northern Gate and dates from the 16th century. It was built in the Renaissance style and on its facade is the coat of arms of the old Kotor pharmacy. Beskuca Palace sits in the street that leads from the main town square to the Flour Square. It was built in the middle of the 18th century. It is decorated with beautiful Gothic portal that is one of the most beautiful floral Gothic master works on the entire eastern Adriatic coast.

Travel program:
Drive to Kotor and boarding the boat. Cruising on Bay of Boka Kotorska and visit to the small island of Our Lady of the Rock (visit to the church and the museum). Visit to the Roman mosaics in RisanVisit to the Old Town of Kotor  (protected by UNESCO )-Sightseeing -  Cathedral of Saint Tripun, Maritime Museum, church of Saint Lukas.Lunch break in Kotor.Free time for individual sight seeing. Arrival to hotel.

Price of the excursions includes:
1. Transport
2. Boat ride
3. Visit to The Cathedral of St.Nicola,
     Our Lady of the Rock,
     the Old city Kotor,
     The Cathedral of St.Trifun,
     Maritime Museum
4. Tourist Guide Services


By Private Car   1-3 pax price per person
Price for 1  Person 130,00 €
Price for 2 Persons 65,00 €
Price for 3 Persons 45.00 €
By Private Van  4-6  pax price per person
Price for 4 Persons 45.00 €
Price for 5 Persons 40,00 €
Price for 6 Persons 35,00 €
By mini bus&bus  price per person
Price for 15 Persons 33,00 €
Price for 25-35 Persons 30,00 €
Price for 35-45 Persons 25,00 €


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